BOOKLET Postal Hsitory II - Vehicles

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BOOKLET Postal Hsitory II - Vehicles Carnet

BOOKLET Postal Hsitory II - Vehicles

The early post...There are many different facetsto the term Postal History and it is difficult to know where to begin to relate Jersey's particular contribution. Letters from Jersey have been recorded as far back as the mid fifteenth century although it is, of course, obvious that written communications must have existed before that time. Mail transportation to and from the Island during the mid fifteenth century would have been by sea and very irregular.  

The booklet features the history of Jersey Post vehicles.

Content: 3 x 34p, 3 x 37p, 3 x 42p & 4 x 51p, 4 x 57p, 4 x 74p.

L'information technique

Date d'émission: 31.10.2006
Concepteur: Tony Theobald
Illustrateur: Tony Theobald
Imprimeur: Cartor Security Printer
Processus: Offset Lithography
Couleurs: Full Colour
Dimensions: 16.5 x 10cm
Valeurs: 3x34p, 3x37p, 3x42p & 4x51p, 4x57p, 4x74p