Festive Foliage

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Festive Foliage Set

Festive Foliage

Winter may be a time when nature appears to be asleep as far as flowers are concerned, but even when there is a snow on the ground, some leaves and berries are holding the fort, giving us beautiful landscapes and natural material to bring into our homes. This year's Christmas set features 12 plants. A mix of traditional festive ones and those we associate with the bleak midwinter. The 'Holly and the Ivy' is a well-known traditional Christmas Carol and is thought to relate to ancient fertility mythology, with the Holly being good and male and the Ivy being evil and female. The Poinsettia plants we know are small and grown in pots, often presented as gifts at Christmas time. Braken is more commonly known as Fern; its green leaves die down in the winter giving a wonderful sense of the passing of time. Hawthorn may be one of nature's less celebrated creations, but is a staunch element of our vegetation. Raymond Evison's name is synonymous with the Guernsey Clematis and the Peppermint Clematis was specifically grown to flower over the Christmas period and can happily be kept indoors. Pyracantha is known as Firethorn, because of the hot reds, oranges and yellows of its berries. Flowers appear in the spring, but it is the berries that give the plant its distinctive character. The Spruce has become so well known as the Christmas tree that many people don't even recognise it by its real name. The Christmas cactus flowers between November and March, providing it has been well looked after during the summer months. Delicate and elegant, the Cyclamen flowers from September to the end of Christmas gift. Mistletoe has been a feature of the British Christmas for many years, its popularity ensured by the kissing rights it bestows on those who stand beneath it. Ironically, the berries are poisonous. Butchers Broom is often used for room decoration at Christmas as its fertilised flowers develop into red berries, which stay on the plant all winter.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 31.10.2008
Designer: Andrew Robinson
Printer: Joh Enschede
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 31.5mm x 26.1mm
Values: 29p, 34p, 40p, 48p, 51p, 53p, 74p