Auguste Rodin 1840 - 1917 - The Kiss

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Auguste Rodin 1840 - 1917 - The Kiss Set

Auguste Rodin 1840 - 1917 - The Kiss

Many exhibitions in France and abroad celebrate this year the centenary of the death of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). If he knew international glory during his lifetime, the master began modestly. Admirer of Carpeaux, of Barye, of which he attended classes at the Museum of Natural History, the young man entered Carrier-Belleuse's studio, a real company producing subjects inspired by the eighteenth century. The man with the broken nose, his first master stroke, was refused at the Salon of 1864. In 1877, the Iron Age was a scandal to Rodin: he was accused of having cast this powerful nude on the living model. From 1880, he devoted himself to The Door of Hell, inspired by Dante. This colossal work is also the laboratory of the work to come. With his 186 figures, he nicknamed it "Noah's Ark of My Creations". Exposed to the Salon of 1881, his Saint John the Baptist attracted the attention of critics. Rodin was then recognized as the one who restored life to sculpture. To the Bourgeois of Calais, commissioned in 1884, succeeded projects of monuments to Victor Hugo, Balzac ... In parallel to these great works, Rodin practices "collage" in sculpture, composed of assemblages from scattered limbs. Plaster is the material of choice for these innovative experiments that will inspire the creators of the 20th century.

Started around 1882, Le Baiser originally represented Paolo and Francesca, condemned to wander in the Underworld. But this group destined for The Gate of Hell soon took off as an independent sculpture. His public success is immediate, accompanied here again by a perfume of scandal. Nudity is then acceptable only if it drapes itself on a mythological or allegorical pretext ... Triumph of sensual, supple and quivering happiness, The Kiss became, along with The Thinker, one of the world icons of sculpture.

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Issue Date: 18.09.2017
Illustrator: Elsa Catelin (engraving)
Process: Taille Douce
Size: 40,85 x 52 mm
Values: 1.30€