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Venice Biennale Set

Venice Biennale

In 2016, three artists carried out artistic projects to represent Andorra at the 2017 Venice Biennale: Lost Origine by Zoe (Eva Martinez), Omphalos by Jordi Casamajor and Murmuri by Eve Ariza The project of Eve Ariza which was chosen to illustrate the stamp.

Eve Ariza, an Andorran multidisciplinary artist born in France in 1973, has a long artistic experience.

"Murmuri" means "Murmur" in French.

The work consists of a sound and visual installation composed of 9000 terracotta bowls arranged on a vertical surface of 131 m2.

Everyone can make a personal visual and auditory reading. It is a subtle and poetic project, both disturbing, of universal writing and reading;

A suggestive, organic and lively project that uses a language common to all human beings, that of the earth. The earth is the origin and it persists over time by means of fire.

The bowl is a tool of ancestral form and origin. The artist has worked the multiplication and multiplicity of ceramic bowls presented as murmurs of clay. The clay paste is turned in the pottery wheel to form bowls in a traditional way, but with a very different intention: each time it finishes a bowl, it deconstructs it directly from the root ball and transforms its essence and The traditional use of the container.Bowls intentionally "hurt" whose inside suggests mouths that emit murmurs."Come and let your eyes read what those lips whisper (...)"

Eve Ariza explains her work:The project, selected for the Venice Biennale, is entitled "MURMURE" (singular)

Technical Details

Issue Date: 22.07.2017
Designer: Stefanie Ghinea
Process: Offset
Size: 52 x 40.85 mm
Values: 3.40€