Neuwirth Law 50 Years

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Neuwirth Law 50 Years Set

Neuwirth Law 50 Years

Until the 1960s, contraceptive methods remained banned in France. The woman had no recourse but abstinence or clandestine abortion to avoid repeated pregnancies.

On December 28, 1967, after rejecting eleven successive bills in ten years, the National Assembly adopted the law proposed by the deputy Lucien Neuwirth, which authorized contraception, repealing the law of 1920. Debates were violent between supporters and Opponents of the use of birth control pills.

Source: Internet Sur le stamp Lucien Neuwirth and a reminder of the family planing poster "a child when I want, if I want" with three faces of women at 3 different ages of their lives.

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Issue Date: 17.02.2017
Designer: Conception Aline Zalko
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