Europa 2004 - Holidays

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Europa 2004 - Holidays First Day Cover

Europa 2004 - Holidays

Romfilatelia, the specialized company in issuing and trading philatelic items in  Romania, releases a set of two postage stamps of the issue “Europa”, whose topic in 2004 is “Holidays”.

Which other topic could be more pleasant for motivating the professional “effort” than the “holidays”? Though the two notions are antonymous, the international renowned artist, Devis Gerbu, decided not only to accept the semantic challenge, but also to get thoroughly into details, transforming it into a graphic plan, with an abnegation doubled by pleasure.

As a main “character”, he chose the Sun, whom else?

This warm friend cleared up for the artist the exhausted and sinuous way of creation, both on the hot sand of the summer holidays and in the middle of the snowed up fir trees, in the winter holidays. The sensation, which the artist wished to induce to the onlooker, was the calmness, quietness and serenity, in opposite with the overwhelming, daily stress. 

The stamp illustrating summer landscapes has the face value of 21,000 Lei (ROL), while the stamp illustrating winter landscapes has the face value of 77,000 Lei (ROL).

Technical Details

Issue Date: 07.05.2004
Designer: Devis Grebu
Process: Tiefdruck
Colours: 6
Size: 42 x 27 mm
Values: ROL 21,000; 77,000