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Block WWF Miniature Sheet

The World Wide Fund for Nature, abbreviated to WWF, works every day to build a future where humans live in harmony with nature. The organisation takes concrete action to preserve biodiversity, fight climate change and reduce our environmental footprint. The block depicts the ornate wrasse, Thalassoma pavo, a fish native to the Mediterranean Sea. The males and females of this species have distinct colours. Ornate wrasses live in small groups; a male is often accompanied by a harem of females. The fish changes sex during its lifetime. Normally, when the dominant male dies, the oldest female turns into a male and replaces him at the head of the harem.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 15.09.2016
Designer: Marie-Christine LEMAYEUR and Bernard ALUNNI
Process: Heliogravure
Size: 120 x 100 mm horizontal (block), 40,85 x 30 mm
Values: 1€ x 4