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Funchal Book

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Funchal Book Stamp Booklet

Funchal Book

Funchal A gateway to the world 

The book underscores the more relevant aspects of Madeira's contribution to the construction of Portugal. The pretext is the fifth centenary of the promotion of Funchal to city standing, the first city to be established by the Portuguese in the Atlantic.

The determinant role that it played during the 15th and 16th centuries as a port of call for ships sailing along the western coasts of Africa and, in general, in the saga of the Portuguese discoveries, is well known. But the importance of certain events and the projection of many personalities that marked the history of Madeira and of the country (and event of the world) cannot be overstated and warrant disclosure. CTT Correios de Portugal is proud to be able to contribute to this through the publication of this bilingual book, one that is therefore accessible to a large audience than those who understand our language.

The date that is now commemorated was also marked by a stamp issue that is shown on opening this work. Thousands of people around the world are therefore sure to receive this news about this Island and this Country, and of their past feats. And also about the vanguard role that the fatherland of Zarco, Tristao Vaz e Perestrelo intends to play within the present concert of the world's more developed nations. The best tribute, after all, that we can pay to so many, so illustrious forebears. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 04.10.2008
Designer: Sofia Martins / Vasco Marques
Illustrator: Rui Carita
Printer: Norprint
Values: ?43,00