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My Stamp Album

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My Stamp Album Stamp Booklet

My Stamp Album

My Stamp Album is a huge success and is already in 3rd volume. If you have the earlier volumes, carry on your collection in this album, with stamps issued in 2009. There are 12 new themes and lots of interesting things to discover.

If you're only starting now, you'll be surprised by all you can learn from these small rectangles of paper that have so much to tell. It's an edition you should esteem; it will teach you and it will gain in value over the years. 

To complete your stamp album, carefully open the envelope with the stamps and the acetates (transparent plastic strips). 

There you'll find all the stamps from the issues included in the album. The souvenir sheets (small sheets of paper with the stamps and a picture completing the stamp's message) can be bought separately at the Post Office, at the Philatelic Department or in the website. 

Choose the acetates where indicated, slightly moistening the part with the glue. 

With a tongs, put the stamps inside the acetates so that they correspond to the picture on the page. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 01.12.2009
Values: ?31,17