Weapons from the National Military Museum

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Weapons from the National Military Museum Set

The philatelic issue Fire Weapons from the National Military Museum that Romfilatelia introduces into circulation, is a première: it is the first time when pistols and revolvers are illustrated on the postage stamps of a Romanian postage stamp issue. All of the weapons above are part of the collection of the National Military Museum.

Established on December 18th, 1923, the National Military Museum represents a significant landmark in the museum establishment assets of Bucharest. We are entitled to say that the 22,000 sqm exhibition, as well as the invaluable military historical patrimony make it stand out as one of the most important museums of the type in the world.

The seven departments of the museum exhibit 32 unique collections counting more than 1,500,000 exhibits (from the simplest slings to crossbows, to tactical missiles, fighter planes, tanks and cannons). The military technique is also represented through the 44 pieces that are unique in the world as well as 70 national unique exhibits. The museum also hosts more than 700,000 books, periodicals, maps and ancient documents. The participation of the Romanian Army in the Second World War on the Eastern battle front to free the historical regions of Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina is also widely represented. The museum, called "King Ferdinand I" starting with 2006, also hosts decorations, uniforms, flags, harnesses and carriages, as well as edged and fire weapons from various historical times.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 0.50 presents the Four barrels flint pistol, made in Western Europe in the middle of the 18th century.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 1.00
shows the Flint pistol, made in Liège at the end of the 18th century.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 2.40 presents the Mannlicher carbine pistol model 1903, 7.65 mm caliber.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 5.00 shows a 1915 Revolver, 8 mm caliber.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 08.02.2008
Designer: Mihai Vamasescu
Process: Offset
Colours: 5 Colours
Size: 42 x 27 mm, 120 x 74 mm
Values: 0.50LEI, 1.00LEI, 2.40LEI, 5.00LEI