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Related Thematics: Insects / Butterflies, Nature

Butterflies Stamp Booklet

Getting a glimpse of that first butterfly fitting across the dried remnants of last year’s grass is sure a sign that spring is on its way.

It could be a small tortoiseshell or brimstone, both of which winter as fully formed butterflies. Six stamps are now being issued depicting butterflies that take to the air in spring and early summer.

Butterflies in their natural environment

Five butterfly species in their natural environment are presented in the stamp booklet. The butterflies are the black-veined white (Aporia crataegi) on a teasel plant, the orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines) on a mustard plant, the Mazarine blue (Polyommatis semiargus) on a daisy, the Glanville fritillary (Melitaea cinxia) on a Lily of the Valley and the brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) on a coltsfoot. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 16.03.2017
Designer: Carina Länk
Colours: Four-color offset
Size: Coil Stamp: 36.6 x 26.5 mm, Booklet Stamp: 36.6 x 26.5 mm