BOOKLET Classic Cars

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BOOKLET Classic Cars Stamp Booklet

BOOKLET Classic Cars

A great commemorative prestige booklet featuring different classic cars that have been proudly driven through the streets of Jersey.

Magnificent illustrations of cars and plenty of informative text on the history of cars in Jersey are included in the booklet.

Content: 3 x 33p, 3 x 34p, 3 x 41p, 3 x 50p, 3 x 56p, 3 x 73p

Note: Only a selection of the pages is depicted above not the complete booklet.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 06.06.2005
Designer: Alan Copp
Illustrator: Alan Copp
Printer: Cartor Security Printer
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: Full colour
Size: 16.5 x 10cm
Values: 3x33p, 3x34p, 3x41p, 3x50p, 3x56p, 3x73p