BOOKLET Battle of Flowers Centenary

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BOOKLET Battle of Flowers Centenary Stamp Booklet

BOOKLET Battle of Flowers Centenary

A booklet commemorating the centenary of the Battle of the Flowers 1902-2002.  Content: 3 x 23p/29p/38p/40p/47p/68p and 1 x £2

Note: Image only shows a selection of this wonderful booklet. Read about the Battle of Flowers below;

In 1902 to celebrate the Coronation of Kind Edward Vll and Queen Alexandra Jersey decided to hold a parade.  The event was so successful that it was decided to repeat it the following year and a tradition was established. In the early days the floral floats were mostly horse-drawn and covered in floral decorations.  The tradition was to tear a flower off the float and throw it to a lady in the crowd.  Flowers were sometimes thrown back and hence Battle was born.

The Parade was abandoned during World War 1 but revived in 1926.  During World War ll and the Occupation of the Channel Islands the Parade was again suspended.  At the start of the 1950’s a group of businessmen decided that a revival of the Battle was long overdue as a focus for the community and an additional benefit for the emerging tourism industry.

The event has gone from strength to strength and in 1964 it was decided to drop the ’Battle’ aspect of the Parade. 

Competition is fierce; the larger fully floral floats of up to 45ft compete for the major award Prix d’Honneur.  Islanders of all ages work unceasingly in the weeks leading up to the Battle in warehouses and sheds all over the island, patiently working with dried flowers and harestails (lagurus grass) making intricate patterns and designs.  The night before Battle the Islands is 'abuzz'
with many helpers working all night sticking the many thousands of fresh flowers on to their floats.  The fresh flowers are predominately chrysanthemums, which have been shipped in from the United Kingdom and Holland, and asters, which have been grown locally.

Not only is the Battle one of Jersey’s premier tourist attractions it is also a major community project where everyone gives their time freely to complete the amazing spectacle. 

The many Bands enhance the Battle, both locally and from overseas who join in the Parade.  

Technical Details

Issue Date: 08.08.2002
Designer: Michael Pollard
Illustrator: Michael Pollard
Printer: Cartor Security Printer
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: Full Colour
Size: 16.5 x 10cm
Values: 3 x 23p/29p/38p/40p/47p/68p and 1 x £2