BOOKLET Birds of Prey

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BOOKLET Birds of Prey Stamp Booklet

BOOKLET Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Hawks and Owls are the stuff of myths and legends. This booklet features wonderfully illustrated stamps and include the long eared owl, Peregrine Falcon, Sparrow Hawk and Short eared Owl.

Content: 6 x 23p, 3 x 26p, 5 x 37p, 3 x 41p, 3 x 46p, 4 x 66p, 1 x £1.50

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Technical Details

Issue Date: 03.07.2001
Designer: Mark Chester
Illustrator: Jersey Post Ltd
Printer: BDT International
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: Full COlour
Size: 16.5 x 10cm
Values: 6x23p, 3x26p, 5x37p, 3x41p, 3x46p, 4x63p