BOOKLET Island Games

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BOOKLET Island Games Stamp Booklet

BOOKLET Island Games

The first ever Island Games were held in 1985. The 1997 Games took part in the Island of Jersey and was a sporting extravaganza with hundreds of athletes participating.

The stamp includes a lot of informative text and magnificent illustrations together with the highly collectible stamps.

Content: 4 x 20p, 4 x 24p, 4 x 31p, 4 x 37p, 4 x 43p, 4 x 63p

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Technical Details

Issue Date: 28.06.1997
Designer: Tony Theobald
Illustrator: Tony Theobald
Printer: BDT International
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: Full Colour
Size: 16.5 x 10cm
Values: 4x20p, 4x24p, 4x31p, 4x37p, 4x43p, 4x63p