SEO's 11th Turbine SI

SEO's 11th Turbine

The Société Électrique de l’Our (SEO) operates the pumped storage facility in Vianden in order to produce a peak current.

Furthermore, SEO also operates the run-of-the-river hydroelectric and wind turbines facilities. The Vianden facility will increase the power of its turbines by about 200 MW via an 11th unit, the M11.

At the same time, the storage retention capacity of the reservoir was increased by 500,000 m3. To achieve this, the crest of the upper reservoir wall was raised by 1 m and the water is stored in the lower reservoir, which was raised by 0.5 m.

The construction works on the “11th unit” began in January 2010 and will be completed in September 2013.

The commissioning of the “11th unit” will bring the plant’s total capacity to 1,290 MW.

The visitor’s centre and underground operating facility are open every day from 10 am until 4 pm, and until 8 pm between Easter and September.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 24.09.2013
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