Estonian Fauna - Roe Deer SI

Estonian Fauna - Roe Deer

The Roe Deer is a small crevice with a slender body and thin legs, standing about 135 centimetres high and weighing up to 30 kilos. In summer it has reddish brown and in winter greyish hair. The white or dull yellow rump patch is particularly conspicuous in females. Only males have antlers. Their favourite habitats are landscapes where clear areas alternate with groves. In the summer they eat grass but have to do with shrubs, tree or bush shoots and bark, including spruce and pine needles in winter. The young, one to two fawns per one female, are born in May to June. Roebucks live to be seven to eight years old in the wild, goats a little longer. Their most important natural enemies are the wolf and the lynx. In late winter also stray dogs kill animals that have become week over the winter. The roe deer is one of the most important game animals in Estonia, the population of which fluctuates a great deal depending on the severity of the winter, thickness of the snow cover, disease, carnivores' pressure and other factors.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 16.02.2012
Designer: Sándor Stern
Printer: AS Vaba Maa
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