Resident Birds 4 SI

Resident Birds 4

These live in wet areas but are not seabirds, and their physical characteristics have evolved to facilitate their lifestyle, with length being an obvious requirement in certain areas. These creatures need legs longs enough to keep their body out of the water and a bill that can reach food - insects etc. - beneath a muddy or sandy surface. Because the length of the bill varies between different species, it is possible for several to feed in the same area without being in direct competition. Some waders have sensitive nerve endings at the end of their bill, which help them to detect their prey. Alderney is very popular with birds, a handy stopping-off point on a long migration, with a variety of habitats that suit different species, while its climate, slightly warmer than that of the UK, can be an attraction too. There are many waders that visit Alderney for long periods of time but the most important resident is the Oystercatcher depicted on the 51p. Waders enjoy the island's beaches, rock and cliffs, which between them provide food, shelter and safety. Whether you are a birdwatcher or not, you cannot fail to be charmed and somehow relaxed by the sight of a flock of oystercatchers going on about their business, or when admiring the long, curved bill of a Curlew as it pokes around in the sand in search of a snack. Perhaps because they forage in this way, often in relatively large groups and seemingly oblivious to our attention, waders evoke an extra fascination and Alderney is a splendid place to observe them.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 28.05.2009
Designer: Andrew Robinson
Printer: BDT International
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 30.56mm x 38mm
Values: 36p, 43p, 51p, 54p, 56p, 77p