Abstract Guernsey 2 SI

Abstract Guernsey 2

The abstract theme continues with six more magical yet realistic shots from Alex Wallace and Nick Despres of Perfect Prints (www.perfectprints.co.uk), and this time they illustrate the first issue of the pricing in proportion system, whereby postage is determined by an item's dimensions.

There is a sunrise on Guernsey's west coast, with a headland in the distance crowned by a German Occupation concrete tower, which, unusually for such a fortification, can have an attractive, almost arty appearance from certain angles, and in a certain light.

The sun rises over Havelet Bay, seen from the top of its slipway, with the beginning of the south coast cliffs to the right. Guernsey's slipways were built for practical reasons, their granite blocks enabling horses to climb safely from the beaches pulling cartloads of seaweed for use as fertiliser.

We see Fort Grey illuminated in the early evening, a west coast bastion built to prevent foreign vessels from landing on the beaches. A Martello tower with its protective outer ring, it is often known by the nickname the cup and saucer.

Also picked out by floodlights is Castle Cornet, built on a rock just outside St Peter Port harbour, with the breakwater that connects it to the land now forming the harbour's southern wall. The castle contains museums and, importantly, retains much of the atmosphere it would have had centuries ago.

A ten minute boat trip around the south coast brings us to the Dog and Lion rocks in the smugglers cove area around Saints Bay and Moulin Huet.

Finally we visit Sark and the tiny bay that is Port de la Jument. The rubber dinghy evokes the joys of the island for people on visiting yachts, glorying in the unspoilt beauty of a place that can feel like your own personal discovery.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 18.03.2010
Designer: Karl Taylor Photography
Illustrator: n/a
Printer: Cartor Security Printers
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: Full Colours
Size: 30.43 x 35mm
Values: Self Adhesives