Dragonflies SI


Torbjörn Östman's first stamps for Åland Post depicted 3 different insects. When he now reappears as a stamp designer, his commission has been to feature a blood-red Ruddy Darter and a bluish-green Southern Hawker.

Dragonflies characteristically have elongated, narrow abdomens, flexible heads with well-developed, compound eyes, two pairs of long, transparent wings that move independently, and powerful mouthparts used for biting and short coarse antennae. The two sets of wings are very flexible, making dragonflies very strong fliers. The location of the three sets of legs, near the head, makes walking difficult for dragonflies but facilitates the catching of prey (other insects) in flight.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 04.06.2012
Designer: Torbjörn Östman
Printer: 5-colour offset
Size: 36,5 x 31,92 mm
Values: 0.75, 0.95