My Aland Stamp SI

My Aland Stamp

Swedish artist, musician, painter, speech and singing therapist and choirmaster Caroline af Ugglas finds relaxation at her summer cottage in Åland. She gives her personal view of Åland as artist for the My Åland stamp.

The My Åland stamp theme is a recurring theme offering celebrities with a connection to Åland an opportunity to illustrate their opinion of the Åland province and personal view of Åland. Lill Lindfors, Mauno Koivisto, Mark Levengood, Björn Borg, Martti Ahtisaari, Åke Lindman and Marcus Grönholm are all previous artists for this series of stamps. In 2012, Caroline af Ugglas is in turn.

The stamp features a perch.

'To me, perch is the quintessence of Åland. I hardly eat anything else when I'm in Åland. Or, well, I sometimes eat pike, too. I even painted the stamp motif in Åland.'

A stamp watch with Caroline af Ugglas' stamp illustration will also be issued by Åland Post. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 04.06.2012
Designer: Caroline af Ugglas
Printer: 4-color offset
Values: 0.95