Scouting in Iceland 100th Anniversary SI

Scouting in Iceland 100th Anniversary

Ingvar Ólafsson founded the first scouting patrol in Iceland in 1911 and the first scout meeting was held on July 16th of that year. Ingvar had been introduced to the scouting idea in Denmark, where he lived for a while. In 1912 the first Boy Scout district became a reality and was named Skátafélag Íslands (Iceland Scout Association), later changed into Reykjavik Scout Association led by Sigurjón Pétursson of Álafoss. They first worked as one troop but two years later there were three troops in the Reykjavik Association, a total of 57 scouts. The troop leaders were all renowned leaders in the Icelandic sports movement: Benedikt G. Waage, Helgi Jonasson and Sigurjón Pétursson.

The first girl scout association was founded in July 1922 with Jakobína Magnúsdóttir as the first group leader. Gertrud Fridriksson, the first group leader of the scouts in Husavik, played a crucial part in the establishment of the association. The Girl Scout Association was founded 23rd March 1939 with a membership of 459. In 1944 the two national associations merged into the current Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association.

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