Spanish Contemporary Art - Alberto Schommer SI

Spanish Contemporary Art - Alberto Schommer

A new block sheet becomes part of the series Contemporary Art, which has been issued a few years.

On this occasion, it is dedicated to the photographer Alberto Schommer, and the seal is carried out by one of his works titled “Se pinta de violeta”.

Alberto Schommer was born in Vitoria in 1928. His father was a German doctor whose fondness for photography made his son become interested in art, turning it into his passion.

He began his artistic life with painting, but in the fifties he decided to take a camera and portray the life of his city.

He moved to Hamburg to study photography. He traveled and met cities and people that caused him a strong interest in the photographic portrait.

In the mid-sixties he settled in Madrid and collaborated with newspapers such as El País or ABC. Also, he becomes the official photographer of King Juan Carlos, being considered visual chronicler of the Spanish Transition.

He was also the first photographer to exhibit his work at the Museo del Prado, a well deserved achievement.

Characters like Dalí, Felipe González or Vicente Alexandre, were protagonists of their portraits full of intensity and meaning.

Also the daily scenes of his first period in different corners of the world, reflecting life forms, joy and suffering of anonymous people.

In September of 2015 died a victim of cancer, leaving a great emptiness in the art world, but also a great artistic legacy. 63 books of photography published, 20 photographic series and a vision of Spain and the world that only he knew to capture with a click.

Correos with this issue intends to continue with that value that the stamps have to disseminate, to teach and to make known through them, many significant aspects of this country, as in this case, contemporary art and this artist who knew so well Reflect a time, a life, an image of Spain.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 20.07.2017
Process: Offset + silver print
Size: Stamp: 40.9 x 57.6 mm, Minisheet: 79.2 X 105.6 mm
Values: 4 €