Myths and Flora 2010 - Linden in Slavic mythology SI

Myths and Flora 2010 - Linden in Slavic mythology

As with other ancient people, the Slavs also first developed respect for nature. Svarog was the first Slavic god of the Sun, the creator of everything in heaven and on earth, he created the first man inhaling in the old oak a human spirit, and women from linden tree crown. Thus, parallel to the cult of water, fire, lightning and the Sun, a cult of trees, which were related to the worship of linden, oak and birch-tree, were developed. Linden was the symbol of friendship and loving devotion, and was dedicated to the goddess Vida, oak to the Perun and birch-tree to the god of harvest Potrimba. 

The cult of trees were founded in the belief that the people have become of trees, i.e. when they die, they prolong their lives in them, and that the trees are the place of residence of some good deceased who protects them. Ancient Slavic lived in linden forests, performed the rituals and sacrifice victims to the linden as deity, and the custom of worship linden has remained until today when the linden branches are placed on the roofs of houses to protect it from fire and thunder. Linden is used in the treatment of patients in the form of teas, compresses and balms.

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Issue Date: 22.05.2010
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