Myths and Flora 2009 - Costmary and girl SI

Myths and Flora 2009 - Costmary and girl

Costmary - Tanacetum balsamita, is medical and aromatic plant of the Asteraceae family, which is used in folk medicine as love spell. Girls who are ready to merry wore on the belt the bunch of costmary and on the St. George Day, they put it in the water before bath. Legend says that after two weeks of drinking tea of costmary girl may conceive. The name costmary originates from Greek form karyófyllon – cloves. It blooms from July till September, its vertical steam carries many capitals with yellow flowers, it has strong and pleasant odor, it is rich with essential oils. It was popular spice in Europe, especially in England and France. For centuries it was used as a marker in the Bible, so it is called Bible leaf and Mary’s grass. It is also known in the lyrics of Tin Ujević, from his song Departure:” And the flash of the glorious revolver and smell, smell of costmary.”

Technical Details

Issue Date: 22.05.2009
Designer: Jelena Marčetić
Printer: Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
Size: 24.14 x 48.28 mm
Values: 2.10 BAM