Myths and Flora 2008 - Andrija Šimić and milfoil SI

Myths and Flora 2008 - Andrija Šimić and milfoil

The use of the milfoil has been known for centuries in the popular treatement. The powder of the ground milfoil's leaves was brought by the brigands to be applied at wounds for faster healing. Achillea millefolium got its Latin name after the Achilles, mythological hero who healed his wounds with the milfoil.

Adrija Šimić (born in 1833. in Alagovac-Grude, died in 1905. in Runovići-Imotski) is the most famous and the last Croate brigand of the XIX century. As he could not bear the injustice of the Turkish authorities he went to lead the brigand's life and his company caused roubles to the authorities in Vienna and Constantinople which undertook the whole range of activities. After the treason in 1871, he was arrested and condemned for life, but was granted amnesty in 1901.

Although the brigand, he is kept in nice memory of the people. Even today there are stories about him as intrepide fighter for the justice. He did not allow ill-treatement of the attacked and particularly showed the respect towards the women, so that some people call him Robin Hood of Herzegovina.

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Issue Date: 22.05.2008
Designer: Davorin Briševac
Printer: Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
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