Trees of the Mediterranean SI

Trees of the Mediterranean

We can never repeat it enough, the Mediterranean is a haven for all kinds of species, animal or vegetable. In addition to an unparalleled maritime ecosystem, the Mediterranean can also boast an unequaled vegetation richness on its coasts. And when one speaks of the Mediterranean, immediately comes to mind its most emblematic tree: native of the Sahara, the olive tree was domesticated about 10 000 years ago and is used for the production of fruits and oil For almost as long. However, the latter must share the landscape with other emblematic species. For what would this region be without the presence of maritime pine and green oak? These are two predominant species from the periphery of the Mediterranean; They are robust and can last several hundred years, which can exceed 500 years for pine.

There are also many more shimmering species such as the tamaris that embellishes the ribs of its pink kittens although it is not so imposing as an oak. Or the mimosa, whose precocious bloom begins in February, and the yellow color gives colors to the winter.

Finally, if the arbutus tree delights the eyes with its red-brown bark and its bright green foliage, it also delights the papillae of its arbouses, nice fleshy fruits sometimes called strawberries and whose flesh, both acidulous and Sweet, is rich in vitamin C.

Let us not forget that the Mediterranean offers a palette of colors and scents much more complete than the one evoked here, although it gives a charming glimpse of the riches that this region has to offer.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 11.07.2017
Designer: Sandrine Chimbaud
Process: Heliogravure
Size: 30 x 40,85 mm
Values: 1.10€