Hippodrome de Rambouillet SI

Hippodrome de Rambouillet

The Hippodrome de Rambouillet, also called Hippodrome de Villeneuve, has been in Rambouillet since 1888, on a site of 40 hectares, next to the forest. It has become a recreational area for all and an essential element of the cultural and sporting heritage of the Yvelines, a meeting place for entertainment enthusiasts and turfists.

The trot chosen to illustrate the stamp is a test in which the driver is seated on a sulky towed by the racehorse which must trot as fast as possible to reach the first finish line but which must under no circumstances go to a gallop, under penalty of disqualification.

This discipline is one of the most rigorous, and requires a great deal of concentration, since unexpected events are possible. The harnessed trot is a very popular and very spectacular race. 2 "meetings" of trotting races harnessed and mounted, on a grass track of 1800 m, rope to the left, take place in June. The stamp will be issued at the 2nd meeting in late June.

Anne Clabaux, who designed the stamp, is today a contemporary artist, and counts among the best painters of horses, the horses among whom she lives today. Through a play of colors and light, she was able to suggest the movement of harnessed trotting teams and give life to her canvas. For this work she worked oil with a knife.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 26.06.2017
Designer: Anne Clabaux
Process: Heliogravure
Size: 40.85 x 30 mm
Values: 0.73€