Joachim Murat 1767 - 1815  SI

Joachim Murat 1767 - 1815

To commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Joachim Murat, La Poste issues a stamp containing a painting of the Louvre commissioned in 1811 by Joachim Murat to Antoine-Jean Gros. The painting is an official portrait of Joachim Murat as King of Naples, he recalls the brilliant episode of his career as a general, twelve years earlier. The skin of a tiger (with rubies for eyes, according to the words of a Saxon in 1813), on which he straddles "to the mameluk," his adoption of the Turkish saber, the posture of his horse ready to leap - the dust under its hooves testify to his impatience - in a cavalcade that has made Murat's reputation echoed in Aboukir. Murat had undergone a stunning evolution since this battle: he became the brother-in-law of Napoleon by his marriage to Caroline Bonaparte a few months after Aboukir (January 18, 1800), the son of an innkeeper of the Lot knew how to ascend the imperial hierarchy, Force of bravery on the battlefields. When Murat ordered this portrait from Gros in 1811, he was at the height of his glory. His progression went far beyond the military echelons: he was Grand Duke of Cleves and of Berg; He is now king of Naples since August 1808. Thus the painter chooses to represent him supervising military maneuvers on the outskirts of Naples; The presence in the background of the painting of Vesuvius certifies the geographical place, while the uniform confirms the functions of Murat: a second dress of colonel of the horses of the Imperial Guard. The King of Naples allowed himself exuberance: his chapka was personalized (he is missing a front visor) and the tight trousers of winter that he carries are those of an aide-de-camp. The Legion of Honor precedes here the large plate of the Neapolitan order: French decoration finds the first place in the hierarchy of medals ... If the context of this painting is less violent than that of Aboukir realize in 1806, He remains warrior and the brilliant colors of the uniform come to awaken the fairly classic stature of the equestrian king.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 26.06.2017
Designer: Elsa Catelin
Process: Taille Douce
Size: 30 x 40.85 mm
Values: 0.85€