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Centenary: Pupils of the Army SI

Centenary: Pupils of the Army

The Institute of Pupils of the Army, created in 1911, is one of the projects achieved more and more of the republican regime and perennials will celebrate next month of May, 100 years old. This centennial means clearly that men are not exhausted in what they do, when the work is. 

Initially called the Institute of Professional Pupils Army Land and Sea, founded with the purpose of training citizens useful to his country, continues today as before, to be a reference in the Portuguese educational, thus constituting a clear demonstration of how, over a century, every generation Republican, even during the most severe crises in the country, as of 1915, were able to understand the value and relevance of the objectives of its founders. 

And what are these objectives? Provide training for technical and pedagogical nature, that the country desperately needs, allowing students a professional qualification certified to practice a profession, but allowing them at the same time assimilating a core knowledge curriculum with courses that are open to the post -secondary or higher education. 

The unique internal organization of the PSI creates, in turn, students in a relatively strong sense of belonging to the institution, developing in them a solid body and a spirit of commitment to the ideals of comradeship, friendship and solidarity , thus giving the institution a cohesion that enriches their educational activity and also identifies the training school for pro-social values, which were, therefore, Republicans figured the objectives of its founders. 

Although the integrated supervision of the Army, the courses of the Elementary and Secondary Education, held at PSI, operate a boarding and day schools, and are, for all intents and purposes, considered equivalent to corresponding courses of the official teaching of the Ministry of Education, with the entry into the institution open, without any exclusive, all young men and women of school age, the conditions required for registration. 

The structure of vocational courses is translatable into a set of specialties in the best interest of the community, so the Institute is sought with special motivation students from various districts of the country, autonomous regions and PALOP (African Countries of Portuguese Official Language) and can therefore say that it is representative of a pedagogical concept with a unique experience in the Portuguese educational landscape, linking the act of formation, simultaneously, aggregating a huge virtual and transnational. 

In conclusion, it can be assumed that all the assumptions that justified, then the creation of an educational institution which met and satisfied the needs of a quality technical education, now known as Institute of Pupils of the Army, remain fully alive, being translated into a valuable and intense educational activity for a century, by this institution, always at the service of noble values ​​proclaimed by the Republic in 1910, and has thus its own right, historical right to noble heritage of the men who knew how to drive large vision and to develop a school that fosters such skills and talents to build a better future for Portugal.

Francisco Alves Antonio Rose 
Director of the Institute of Pupils Army

Technical Details

Issue Date: 25.05.2011
Illustrator: Helder Soares
Process: Offset lithography
Colours: 4-colour offset
Size: 30.6 x 40 mm
Values: EUR 1.31, EUR 2.50