World Water Day SI

World Water Day


The General Assembly of the United Nations in 1993 had decided to proclaim March 22nd  as World Water Day in order to draw attention to issues concerning water and water resources. Water is a precious resource and one of our basic life conditions on Earth. Beings are consisted in most part of water, and besides that, water covers 70% of the planet Earth’s surface. Progress of manhood and accelerated technological development is creating all the more water consumption as well as greater pollution. Constant investments in scientific researches are necessary as well as public informing about the value of water. Protection from pollution is carried out because of life protection and the well-being of people, plants and animals. That is why a constant supervision over water quality is necessary as well as controlling of pollution sources. There is no price on water, which we are more often unaware of, but every single person can give its contribution to its protection by changing their habits.
Water is a treasure which value we are not aware of and if we are not responsible towards it, it can become a worthless fluid in the future. We must be satisfied with the fact that we in Bosnia and Herzegovina still have unobstructed access
to pure and potable water. Therefore, let’s protect what we have because without pure water there will not be life in the future.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 22.03.2017
Designer: Marin Topić
Printer: Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
Size: 35,50 x 25,56 mm
Values: 2,70 BAM