International Day of Hiking SI

International Day of Hiking


International day of  hiking or World Walking Day is celebrated on October 15th. TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All) in 1992, after the summit on preserving the environment in Rio de Janeiro, had suggested celebrating this day with the aim of developing awareness of the need for ecological environment preservation. By supporting the International day of hiking or most commonly World Walking Day an awareness about the importance of physical activities is developed and simultaneously a sense for community is created, in other words, one becomes part of a global movement.
Moving, especially walking or hiking, is the most simplest form of preserving one's mental and physical health. All that is necessary are comfortable clothes and quality shoe wear that protects the foot and gives support to the entire body. For walking or hiking, trails or paths in the nature in the fresh air are most favorable, and hiking experiences at mountainous tops takes one's breath away. After only a half an hour of walking, the human body starts to extract the happiness hormone and in that way decreases stress and has a very positive effect on our sleeping. By walking we enhance our blood circulation in our bodies, strengthen our hearts, stimulate a proper allocation of calcium in our bones, strengthen our muscles and our lungs function in a regular manner. Beautiful fall days and the World Walking Day will be most benefited if they are spent in the nature, walking and just being with friends. (Željka Šaravanja)

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Issue Date: 15.10.2015
Designer: Manlio Napoli
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