International Day of Sport for Development and Peace- Basketball SI

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace- Basketball

The UN General Assembly in 2013 proclaimed the International day of Sport for development and peace on April 6th. A great influence on sports, which language we all understand, is recognized as a way of transmitting important messages about developing our society.
Amongst the most popular sports in the world is surely basketball. It is mentioned for the first time in 1891. when a Canadian doctor James Naismith created a new indoor game at the McGill University (today it is called Springfield University) with the aim of keeping students in condition through the long winter period. The first official basketball game was held on January 20th 1892 in the school gym of YMCA High school. In the same year (1892), a physical education teacher Senda Berenson adapted Naismith's rules to women and that is how woman’s basketball begun. At first, the game was played with a soccer ball, afterwards balls were made exclusively for basketball and in the 50s of the last century an orange ball was introduced to the game and has been used up to this day.
The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) was established in 1932, and four years later basketball (in 1936) enters the Programme of the Olympic Games. The first World Basketball Championship was held in 1950 in Argentina, and three years later the first World Basketball Championship for women was held in Chile. Woman's basketball was added to the Programme of Olympic games in 1976. (Željka Šaravanja)

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