Maltese Flora Series VI  SI

Maltese Flora Series VI

Over 40 different species of orchids grow on the Maltese Islands. Many of these are protected by law and usually flower between December and June. 

Orchis Collina
Fan-Lipped Orchid (Maltese: Orkida Hamra)
The Orchis Collina is a wild orchid which appears in January and lingers on until early February. Similar to most wild orchids in Malta, it has two tubers; one swollen and one shrivelled. The Orchis Collina is often found in garrigue and rocky terrain. 

Ophrys Lutea
Yellow Bee-Orchid (Maltese: Zunzana)
The Yellow Bee Orchid or Yellow Orchid is a rare plant usually growing in garrigue, and rocky valleys. The shape of the flower resembles that of a bee or a wasp, and this helps in attracting suitable male insects to carry out pollination. 

Serapias Parviflora
Small-Flowered Tongue-Orchid (Maltese: Orikida tal-Ilsien iz-Zghir) 

The Small-Flowered Serapias is a slender-looking plant that flowers during March and April. It is found in garrigue, and rocky valleys. The orchid has five or six narrow and pointed leaves growing from its base and several small leaves along the upper stem. Like other wild orchids in Malta it produces very small seeds that can be carried long distances by winds. 

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