Triskelion Definitives SI

Triskelion Definitives

We are pleased to present our very first collection of variable value self-adhesive definitive stamps. This first collection of four stamps is based on the Manx Three Legs of Man emblem which also known as a Triskelion. The legs usually run clockwise and carry the Latin motto 'Quocunque Jeceris Stabit' meaning 'whichever way you throw, I stand', a reference to the independence and resilience of the Manx people.The four versions of this emblem are based on:

The three legs as they appear in Douglas Town Hall

The Millenium of Tynwald three legs

The three legs as seen on the old brewery building on Castletown Quay

A modern interpretation of the three legs of man.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 15.02.2017
Designer: EJC Design (text by Richard West)
Printer: CCL Label Ireland Ltd
Process: Offset Lithography
Size: 56 x 25mm
Values: £0.45, £0.77, £1.24, £1.86