Montserrat Palau Martí SI

Montserrat Palau Martí

With this series, Correos intends to pay homage to those illustrious women who are from or have had a relationship with Andorra.

In spite of being born in Barcelona in 1916, Montserrat Palau and Martí was all her life very linked to Andorra.

She began her studies in the School of Librarians of the Commonwealth of Catalonia in Barcelona. This institution, designed by Eugenio D'Ors, was created for the training of library personnel, especially and essentially female, who would work in the network of popular libraries that was being formed in Catalonia.

After completing her studies in Barcelona, ​​Montserrat received her doctorate in ethnology from the University of the Sorbonne in Paris, becoming a renowned Africanist expert.

She published numerous essays on Black Africa such as, Le Roi-Dieu ave Benin: South Togo, Dahomey, Nigeria occidentale, published in French in 1964.

Works such as Between faith and freedom: Andorra in the sixteenth century, names of baptism in Andorra in the seventeenth century or Protestantism and Inquisition in Andorra in the sixteenth century, collected the Andorran customs and curiosities of past centuries.

One of these works, entitled simply Andorra, won the Maspons i Camarasa Prize in 1966.

The stamp that is dedicated to this woman of letters, presents a background with books that can symbolize her literary production as well as her beginnings as a librarian. An open book shows aside the dates of his birth and death along with the titles of some of his most representative and well-known works. The other page of the book presents a portrait of Montserrat Palau and Martí with a big smile on her face.

Carmen Álvarez Casanova

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Issue Date: 08.11.2016
Process: Offset
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