Christmas - The shepherds of Sant Julia de Loria SI

Christmas - The shepherds of Sant Julia de Loria

In Andorra, as in many areas of Catalonia, one of the protagonists of Christmas are the Pastorets.

It is a theatrical performance whose plot revolves around the birth of Jesus, the struggle between good and evil and dialogues about Christmas among pastors, of a comic and costumbrist character.

These representations have their origin in the medieval religious dramas, plays that were represented in the churches during midnight mass, around the birth of the Messiah.

The oldest text that is preserved in Catalan of this genre dates from 1721 although already in the sixteenth century we find references to the Pastorets designating these plays.

The script is often based on brief Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke, such as the march of the spouses to Bethlehem, the search for shelter and shelter in the manger, the birth, the announcement of the shepherds, the adoration of the child and the decapitation of the Innocent.

Sometimes the arguments are also taken from the apocryphal Gospels concerning the Nativity.

The action usually develops in three spaces: the sky, the earth and hell, following scenographies of medieval drama. The central characters are two shepherds, one more savvy and one short of understanding. They are tempted by the devil but always around a comic atmosphere.

The performances are usually by amateur theater groups and today are represented in parish halls, social centers and also, sometimes, in theaters.

The most popular works are The Star of Nazareth by Ramon Pàmies, 1903 or The Shepherds, or the Advent of the Child Jesus by Francisco de Asís Picas, 1954, among others.

The stamp has as its central motif the image of a shepherd who represents the protagonist of these compositions, which, fortunately, continue to be represented year after year every Christmas.

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