Granite architecture - Vilanova clinic SI

Granite architecture - Vilanova clinic

The architecture of granite, as it is known to the constructions arisen in Andorra with the appearance of tourism of spas, is an architecture fully integrated in the natural environment.

Great architects of renown such as César Martinelli, disciple of Gaudí, gave shape to the local stone, obtaining important buildings that have survived through the years, forming part of the architectural culture of the place and becoming an attractive more to add in this beautiful region.

The stamp that stars in this series that Correos is issuing once again, is inserted in a block that has as background the image of granite stones, and is carried out by one of the famous constructions in this material, Vilanova Clinic. This building is located in Andorra la Vella, at number 2 of Príncep Belloch Square next to Meritxell Avenue.

Its construction dates back to 1940 and is a clear example of the granite architecture of the area. It is a five-story quadrangular building. The first three floors are constructed entirely of granite arranged in the shape of a honeycomb on the ground floor and in rectangular strands on the upper floors.

In addition to its architectural value for being part of this type of constructions that have given so much fame to the city, this building is very significant because it was the first of the country conceived as a hospital building and was inaugurated in 1956 by Dr. Vilanova.

Dr. Vilanova arrived as an exile to Andorra and married the daughter of Dr. Trías, who was already practicing as a doctor in this place.

The clinic ran between the 1950s and the mid-1970s, until the Meritxel clinic opened.The building is listed as a cultural heritage and now houses several offices.                                    

Carmen Álvarez Casanova

Technical Details

Issue Date: 14.10.2016
Process: Offset
Size: Stamp: 28.8 x 40.9 mm, Minisheet:105.6 x 79.2 mm
Values: 2.95€