Golden Sportsmen of Romania SI

Golden Sportsmen of Romania

Romania, a country sometimes forgotten between the Danube River, Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea.Romania, sometimes a “caprice” of history.However, Romanians made history. And history needs ambassadors in every field and, maybe, mainly in sport.When we say Romania, we think about the “old Danube wolf”, the “Carpathians Flamingo Bird” or the “eternal” Elisabeta Lipa.Romania, with such sportspeople, a country, a miracle between the Danube, Carpathians and the Black Sea.

Ivan Patzaichin

Danube Delta, the place where fishing tales often speak about living water legends.Danube Delta, the place where, the Legend says, was born… a sacred one of the Romanian sports, Ivan Patzaichin.Thus, imagine yourselves, while listening to the “Danube Waves”, how kayaks float, filled with Olympic gold achieved by Patzaichin.

Iolanda Balas-Soter

When a Dragon Fly flies, it seems as if it leaps through air holes…When a Deer runs, it seems as if it jumps over pits and thickets…When a Flamingo Bird floats gently, it seems as if she flies over the Carpathians, risen as a lath before her…But when a great champion heads for the heights, “Please, be quiet! Iolanda Balas jumps next!”.

Elisabeta Lipa

First time – she began.Second time – hope flickered.Third time – she became certainty.Fourth time – one was already used to it.Fifth time – we’re talking about a record here.Sixth time – it’s a legend now.For the 20th century world boating, the word “supreme” has only one meaning: Elisabeta Lipa.Seventh – she will attend the Olympic Games; she will be again her old self, maybe more, but for us, she will always be “eternal”.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 15.12.2004
Designer: Mihai Vamasescu
Colours: 2 (bronze-gold, black)
Size: Stamp size: 36 x 36 mm, Blocks size: 128 x 138 mm
Values: ROL 5,000; 33,000; 77,000