Ilie Nastase – An Ace amongst Aces SI

Ilie Nastase – An Ace amongst Aces

Ace, set, tie-break, game, time-out, nets, match point, service are the technical terms that characterize field tennis.

Bizarre, funny, talented, mime, temperamental, ironic are the features of a different tennis champion of the 20th century. 

Thus, because the monotony of the tennis game disappeared once he entered the tennis court, this change had to be named… Ilie Nastase.

On November 16th 2004, the postage stamp issue named “Ilie Nastase – An Ace amongst aces” is released in Bucharest, Romania. 

The postage stamp is offset printed on chromo paper, in four colors, sized 27 x 42 mm, in a sheet of 15 pieces and one label, the sheet’s dimensions being 13.2 x 19.2 cm with margins of 1.2 cm.

The postage stamp represents the Romanian champion during one of his glorious moments, on one of the world’s famous arena.

The perforated souvenir sheet is printed in four colors on chromo paper, sized 11 x 20 cm, with a 42 x 52 mm postage stamp placed on the lower right side, at 2 cm from the right side, without lateral perforation and without number.

The souvenir sheet represents Ilie Nastase at present, while making a retrospective of the young Ilie Nastase, in a way that characterized his whole career – A Nonconformist Tennis Player. In the background is the image of the public that loved and idolized him, making Nasty a logo of tennis for almost three decades.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 16.11.2004
Designer: Mihai Vamasescu
Process: Offset
Colours: 4
Size: Stamp size: 27 x 42 mm, Sheet size: 13.2 x 19.2 cm, Perforated souvenir sheet size: 11 x 20 cm (stamp size: 42 x 52 mm)
Values: ROL 10000; 72000