Romanian Roses SI

Romanian Roses

Of all the flowers in the world, maybe the rose is best known as a symbol of love, secrecy and beauty. It inspired both poets and great novelists, as well as painters and musicians, but closer to our times, great theatre and film directors.

This year, Romfilatelia, the specialized company in issuing and trading philatelic items in Romania, continues the tradition of the philatelic issues having as subject the flora, by releasing a postage stamp issue dedicated to these special flowers. The variety of roses reproduced on the stamps was created at the Garden Research Station from Cluj, by Mr. Stefan Wagner.

Symphony’ is a sort of medium vigorous bush (80/40 cm). The leaves are dark-green, half-shiny. The big flowers, with white petals that open slowly, have a pleasant perfume, of medium intensity. The sort was distinguished with the Third Prize at the International Contest from Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, 1978.

Camping Fire’ has a bush of medium vigorous size, with half-erected twigs and middle sized, glossy, dark-green coloured leaves. The big flowers are grouped in bunches, the petals have an intense red colour and no perfume. It is a sort wide spread in Romania. It obtained the first class Merit Certificate in Rome, in 1973 and second Prizde at Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, 1975.

Golden Elegance’ is a sort of rose that grows in vigorous bushes (100/50 cm), with long twigs and reddish copse. The leaves are big, glossy, coloured  in dark green, with reddish shades. The flowers are big and the buds are long, golden-yellow coloured, sometimes in rose-pale shades.

Lady in mauve’ is a sort with medium vigorous bushes (70/40 cm), middle and glossy foliage, middle or big sized flowers, long buds, mauve coloured petals and a very intense and pleasant perfume.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 25.10.2004
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 colours + bronze-silver
Size: Stamp size: 33 x 48 mm, Block size: 120 x 90 mm
Values: ROL 8,000; 15,000; 25,000; 36,000