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 Enviromental 'stamps here' SI

Enviromental 'stamps here'

Under a new name and new procedures that more adequately reflect the philosophy of the CTT - the Portuguese Post Services - and the times we live in, the pastime Aqui Há Selo has tested once more the creativity of the Portuguese, this time from an environmental angle.
The contestants (children, young and adults) submitted their graphic interpretation of the five previously suggested themes: environment, recycling, nature preservation, renewable energy and ecological footprint, and were encouraged to disclose their work on the social networks in order to garner the greatest number of votes.
After a careful selection by the public and by the jury, two works were selected for reproduction on stamps based on their high quality: 
Erica Barge Lopes’ Renewable Energies and Pedro Ferreira’s The Island.
Erica Barge made a colourful drawing of a healthy and typically rural environment in which she highlights several initiatives in the field of renewable energies, such as solar and wind energy. 
Her original also contains subtle references to the energy from the water that flows in the rivers, in which unpolluted water several fish swim, and to the use of non-polluting means of transport symbolized by the farmer crossing the bridge on his bike.
Pedro Ferreira presented a remarkable work in which his unusual creative capacity gains shape by composing and manipulating images through new technologies.
In this original we see an improbable island drifting in the sky, on which trapped animal and plant species await an unknown destiny.
The power of attraction of this image lies not only in the visual richness of the various elements but also in the extraordinary situation it portrays which unfortunately, due to human action, increasingly corresponds to reality.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 17.02.2011
Process: Offset lithography
Colours: 4-colour offset
Values: EUR 0.79, EUR 1.54
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