Deer SI


Deer (Cervidae) belong to the ungulate family, which includes around 40 species. Elk, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and reindeer are the members of the deer family that can be found in Sweden, and these five have been selected as motifs for the stamps in the Deer issue.

Deer caught the attention of humans at an early stage. Cave paintings from the late Stone Age often depict humans and animals, and deer are well repre- sented. Deer also appear in the Bible and Nordic myt- hology, the latter of which tells the story of four harts who lived in the crown of the Yggdrasil world tree and ate the tree’s leaves and buds.

More recently, deer are found on the crests of seve- ral Swedish provinces, including a hart in Öland and a reindeer in Västerbotten. The fact that the moose can be found on the crests of two provinces, Gästrikland and Jämtland, may be an indication of the importance of this species of deer. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 10.11.2016
Designer: Daniel Bjugård
Illustrator: Photographers: Thorsten Milse/TT, Tore Hagman, Peter Cairus/Nature Picture Library, Stefan Örtenblad/ Johnér, Torbjörn Arvidsson/ Matton Subscription
Process: Offset
Size: 26.5 x 36.6 mm