Europa 2015 SI

Europa 2015

The origin of the "Europa" series dates back to 1956, a European initiative pursued by the supranational integration. Since 1993, the Member countries of PostEurop, with the aim of promoting philately, which emit an annual stamp common theme. This year, there are old toys the proposed topic and Spanish mail for Andorra is dedicated to the baldufa, known in Castilian as a spinning top. 
The baldufa is one of the most popular toys worldwide from Japan and Southeast Asia, to the Americas or Europe. As such toy has the function of entertaining but in turn, like all games, developed both physical abilities and psychological of the individual. 
The universality of this leisure object is linked to age. The simplicity of the spinning top and the nobility of the material it is made gives it a symbolic meaning that transcends mere entertainment. Thinkers like Plato saw in the baldufa the symbol of movement and stillness. Archaeological remains have been found in Mesopotamia or Egypt this toy and in some cultures were used as objects of divination. 
The tops are traditionally made of wood, one - piece and pear-shaped. At its narrowest end it has an iron point on which turns or dance to throw her to the ground, helped by a rope wrapped around the conical portion, which serves as a shuttle. Materials which can be one baldufa, besides wood, are clay, stone, porcelain, tinplate or plastic , among others. In addition, they are characterized by a decoration based on geometric elements and the combination of colors, which give a striking dance of truly extraordinary spinning top. Its shapes and sizes are varied, allowing dance some with fingers, others by an internal mechanical spring, not forgetting the rotating helped by ropes or sticks. 
This children 's game, practiced on the street and in the company , it is now also of collectibles for adults and star of championships in many parts of the world.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 23.04.2015
Process: Offset
Size: 40,9 x 28,8 mm
Values: 0.90