The Royal Crown Prince Couple Copper Wedding SI

The Royal Crown Prince Couple Copper Wedding

There are warm and strong ties between Greenland and our royal family. The ties are bound with deep respect for each other and have been confirmed through generations.

I wouldn’t imagine a day passes by without Green- land being in the Crown Prince Couple’s minds, since the gold in their wedding rings originates from the goldmine in Nanortalik, a present from the then Greenland Home Rule Government.

To highlight this deep respect, POST Greenland will issue a commemorative stamp to celebrate the Royal Couple’s Copper wedding anniversary to take place on 14th November this year.

In June 2004, only seven weeks after their Royal High- nesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess’ wed- ding, they went on their first official visit together - a summer cruise to Greenland.

It was a special honour, although it was not very sur- prising that the newlywed Royal couple decided to pay Greenland a visit.

Crown Prince Frederik is not the only member of the Danish royal family who has a close relationship with Greenland. His mother HM Queen Margrethe has al- ways had a profound fascination for both the Green- landic and the Faroese societies, just like her parents King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid before her. To Crown Prince Frederik, however, Greenland still holds some- thing special.

In 2000 he participated in the Sirius Expedition 2000 marking the 50th anniversary of the Sledge Patrol Sirius: a 2,800 km journey together with five friends,

three sledges and 42 dogs from Qaanaaq in Northwest Greenland to Daneborg in Northeast Greenland. A part of Northeast Greenland subsequently was named after him: ’Crown Prince Frederik Land’.

The expedition turned out to be a ’journey in life’ for him, where he was able to live in the present.

The royal family’s summer cruise to Greenland on- board the royal yacht was extraordinarily appealing to the entire Greenlandic population.

Everywhere the royal family appeared they were ap- plauded and met by smiling people with waving flags.

The Crown Prince showed his wife glimpses of what Greenland has to offer and the Greenlandic population received our new Crown Princess with warmth and im- mense joy.

General Manager Per Svendsen said in his speech to the royal couple that the Crown Prince and Crown Prin- cess don’t merely appear as faces on stamp designs, but they are, however, two individuals of strong char- acter, acting as role models for us all.

The 15th October was another joyful day in the Com- monwealth of the Realm because on this day the HRH Crown Princess gave birth to the Crown Prince couple’s first child, a son who was baptised in January 2006 as Christian Valdemar Henri John, Prince of Denmark. As the Crown Prince couple’s firstborn, HRH Prince Chris- tian is the successor to the throne after HRH The Crown Prince.

The Royal Crown Prince family has been blessed with 3 more children since then.

In August 2014, the Royal Crown Prince with his family

visited Greenland and they were welcomed with open arms as the Greenlanders celebrated their arrival.

The Royal couple and their four children were dressed in their colourful Greenlandic national costumes. They all looked beautiful as the Royal yacht ‘Daneborg’ went ashore in selected towns and villages along the Green- landic coast. Unlike their visit a decade earlier, it was their children this time that stole the show, with the crowds cheering them on.

Prince Christian, only 8 at that time, was handsomely dressed in his white parka, black trousers and sealskin boots, whilst Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Mar- grethe, only seven, was beautifully dressed in the east Greenlandic national costume.

The then 3 year old twins, who at baptism also were given the Greenlandic names Minik and Ivalo, were also magnificently dressed in their north Greenlandic costumes.

The Royal twins’ full names are Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathil- da.

Wherever the Crown Prince’s family arrived, they were joined by hospitable inhabitants who, with great en- thusiasm and a huge interest, followed the royal family around the villages.

With this stamp, issued in both whole sheets and also separate souvenir sheets, POST Greenland sends our beloved Crown Prince couple congratulations on their copper wedding anniversary on 14th November 2016. We look forward to a warm and happy reunion upon the Crown Prince couple’s next visit to Greenland. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 17.10.2016
Illustrator: Steen Brogaard
Process: Offset
Size: 32 x 58mm
Values: DKK 20.50