Alderney Bailiwick Birds SI

Alderney Bailiwick Birds

The stamps in our latest Alderney special issue were beautifully illustrated by Wendy Bramall, a talented artist who grew up in Guernsey with whom we’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship over the course of 25 years and 14 stamp issues.

Wendy says that since her early school days drawing has always beensecond nature to her. As a child she was encouraged to draw from life andwherever possible still does so now. When working on stamp designs herillustrations usually start with a sketch and if possible photographs too.Ideas from both are combined, and from here the final ideas are worked up in to the fabulous images featured on our stamps and related materials.

Her research work on the Birds of the Bailiwick issue took Wendy toWinchester’s Museum Service, where she was able to work from actual bird specimens. Jamie Hooper Conservation Officer of La Société Guernesiaise and of the Guernsey Biological Records Centre was also on hand to help out with interesting information and insights into the species featured.

Much of Wendy’s work is inspired by nature, having spent many yearsenjoying the beautiful surroundings of Guernsey with beaches, rock poolsand wildlife in abundance. As a child she also had an interest in NaturalHistory, loved animals and was known for her menagerie of waifs and strays.

This combined love of art and nature led Wendy on a career path whichincluded both. From Guernsey she went to Winchester to complete a oneyear Art Foundation course, followed by three years at Harrow School of Artstudying illustration. Her first role following art school was at the NaturalHistory Museum in London – a perfect position!

Wendy now lives in Winchester and works as a freelance illustrator, when not capturing nature in a range of mediums, she spends much of her spare time walking in the stunning countryside around her home.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 04.05.2011
Designer: Wendy Bramall
Printer: BDT International
Process: Offset lithography
Colours: 4-colour offset
Size: 30.56 deep x 38mm wide
Values: 36p, 45p, 48p, 53p, 58p, 65p