Tree of the Year 2016: Elm SI

Tree of the Year 2016: Elm

Magyar Posta stamp commemorates one of the most versatile wood species used, the sacred tree had once revered as an elm (Ulmus minor), which became the National Forestry Association poll of the 2016 year of tree species. The novelty of 350,000 copies produced in Pénzjegynyomda based graphic artist Attila Elekes plans. September 8, available from the first day of post offices and Filapostán, but can be ordered from the US Mint online store as well.Tree of the Year aims to raise awareness and preservation initiatives, a tree species to the fore, which have significant importance for the forest, but the attention is diverted from them yet. The National Forestry Association 20 years ago - German model - launched the movement. In most of the elm tree species in Europe due to native high heat demand mainly in the plains and hills it was like, so the medium mountains is only found in the lower regions you. Typical habitat of hardwood gallery forest. Its height can reach up to 30 meters. Extremely tough, flexible, hard and tough wood splintering, due to which properties hajóácsolásra, the construction and underwater - rivaling the oak - wood building is excellent. Car manufacturers, carpenters, tanners and pipe makers also happy to have worked with him, and out of it, but it has also been used in folk medicine. Lombok ruminant animals served as fodder. The elm pruning can easily regenerate well and sprouts tuskóról gyökérről well. Source: The National Forestry Association 9 December 1866 established in Budapest, in 1851, founded Ungarischer Fortsverein legal successor. The Association's role was decisive in the field of forestry professionals Hungarian language and literature development and the professional development of science as well. The Association is an outstanding personality founding secretary and first vice president Kálnoki Bedo Albert (1839-1918), who was the 50th anniversary of its foundation, in 1916 elected honorary president. Memory of 1957 entitled "Bedo Albert Medal" awards were founded to be distributed each year.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 08.09.2016
Designer: Attila Elekes
Process: Banknote Printing Company.
Size: 30 x 40mm