Compulsory social measures and forced fostering SI

Compulsory social measures and forced fostering

Coercive measures welfare support and previous extrafamiliari placements up to 1981 are a dark chapter in Swiss social history. In those days many children and young people were the victims of suffering and injustice. Their physical, mental and sexual and intellectual development were sometimes severely compromised; and some of them still suffer the consequences of these events today.

Now it is time to address the story of these victims from the political and scientific point of view. Public opinion has finally acquired awareness of the suffering experienced at that time by many children placed in orphanages, in foster or placed coercively. Contributing decisively to this result the various commemorations, events and exhibitions, movies, the lives of the victims and witnesses, a popular initiative and a round table organized by Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga.

Currently the Parliament is discussing a bill with a counter about the initiative for repair. The proposal does not aim to transform the past into something that never happened, but to express solidarity with the victims and to learn.

Luzius Mader
Federal Office of Justice

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