Ramsar Herm SI

Ramsar Herm

Our Ramsar stamp sets have featured islands of the Bailiwick including Guernsey, Sark and Alderney. The latest in the series focuses on the tiny island of Herm.

February 2016 marked the announcement that Herm, Jethou and the Humps, a collection of rocky islets off the north-eastern corner of Herm, had been formally designated as a Ramsar Site under the Convention on Wetlands.

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, known as the Ramsar Convention (after the Iranian town where the treaty was signed in 1971), is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the legal framework for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources across the globe.

Designating an area as a Ramsar Site gives international recognition of this special environment and it is fitting that Herm, Jethou and the Humps should be recognised in this way.

Take a mini trip around Herm. Download the FREE augmented reality (AR) SEPAC App from the App Store. Then open the App and hold your device over a stamp, this will activate the AR video - see the Ramsar site up close! 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 27.07.2016
Designer: Wendy Bramall
Printer: Lowe-Martin
Process: Offset Lithography
Size: 26mm deep x 40mm wide
Values: 43p, 57p, 58p, 64p, 70p, 78p