Olympic Games Rio 2016 SI

Olympic Games Rio 2016

There are cities which ceased to be a part of one state. They have become cities of the world which you call by their nickname and which you feel close to you as if you had lived there. Such a city is Rio.

Some 500 years ago the Portuguese were the first to sail into the Guanabara Bay where today a city of music and sports lives round the clock – a home to all people of the world – figuratively and literally. And, just to remind you, the language is Portuguese.

From 2016 Rio is also Olympic town which launches it into the most elite society of our planet. 

This stamp enriches your unique collection of Olympic stamps of Croatian Post and opens a space for new stories and legends on capabilities of human body.

This suggests a joyful and playful stamp whose green, Brazilian colour is associated with Amazonas – a world’s treasure of subsistence stored in Brazil.

Rio has deserved to be a host to the sports world.

Here, not only football is religion. This great nation with samba running in their veins has great stories to tell in all sports. The debts from London are due now.

The shock of being defeated in the football final by Mexico still aches. Even more unbelievable is the defeat in the volleyball final where they were in lead over Russia with 2:0 and the gold went for the first time to Europe. The dignity of the discipline was saved by the women volleyball team winning gold. A strong swimming representation is headed by the fastest sprinter in the world, Cesar Cielo Filho.

The Games will certainly set new records.

The number of competitors will come close to 10 500. In 28 sports 306 sets of medals will be awarded. Representatives from 206 National Olympic Committees will participate and for the first time also the sportsmen and sportswomen from Kosovo and Southern Sudan. New sports are rugby 7 and golf.

The hosts had to prepare 33 competition grounds – and not only in Rio.  

In the magic of Olympic Games as hosts participate also the inhabitants of Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Manaus and the capital Brasilia.

Travel with our stamp and enjoy!

Mićo Dušanović

Technical Details

Issue Date: 03.08.2016
Designer: Dean Roksandić, designer from Zagreb
Printer: ZRINSKI d.d., Čakovec
Process: Offset
Size: 29.82 x 35.50 mm
Values: 4.60 HRK